AWARD – TARRACO TRIUMPHALIS – The local section in TARRAGONA of the UNION DE RADIOAFICIONADOS ESPAÑOLES (URE) and the RADIO CLUB DEL TARRAGONES, are pleased to organize the permanent award “TARRACO TRIUMPHALIS” in Latin, with the aim of boosting radio activity of ours members and promoting knowledge of the historical heritage of Tarragona. See below the terms: 1.-The award is open to all radio amateurs in the world with a valid license, as well as to SWL, with fixed stations, / P, / M, / MM and / AM and in all modes, both analog and digital. 2.- The start date will be from 00.00 hours GMT of May 4th. 2019. and will be permanent until we communicate the end of its validity. 3.- Two categories of this award are established, ”AURUM” and “ARGENTUM”. 4.- “AURUM” category (all stations): To obtain the award in this category it is essential the participating stations complete the following phrase: -TARRACO TRIUMPHALIS- 18 necessary contacts including: A, R (Three times), T, I (Twice times), (Once times) C, O, U, M, P, H, S, and L. 5.- “ARGENTUM” category (RECOMMENDED FOR DX STATIONS): To obtain the award in this category, it is essential the participating stations to complete the word TARRACO (seven necessary contacts). 5.- bis.- The authorized stations will also be able to obtain the diploma with 50 contacts in the ARGENTUM category and 100 in the AURUM . 6.- The authorized stations, must pass a letter to each contact until completing the phrase or word indicated by category. 7.- The SPECIAL station EA3RCY: (necessary to complete the award in the AURUM category) will grant two letters. The rest, (EA3GZA, EA3BDE …) will deliver only one letter on demand. 8.- Contacts cannot be repeated with the same station in band or mode during the same day. 9.- The authorized stations may be active all year round, but during the first week of the award and at least one week per month their activity will be greater. 10.- The stations will call with their callsign followed by – DIPLOMA TARRACO TRIUMPHALIS – 11.- Any form of authorized transmission and band is admitted, always following the recommendations of the IARU. An Excel file will be provided to fill out the award contacts in both categories. 12.- Communications obtained through REPEATERS, third stations, bridge stations, Echolink or DMR will not be valid. 13.- Award applicants must send the form duly completed with their contacts, as well as their personal data and their e-mail, to the manager: SALVADOR SALVAT, EA3BDE, P.o.Box 639 TARRAGONA 43080 SPAIN ea3bde(**) 14.- It is not necessary to send QSL’s, although they may be requested for verification. 15.- The award will be extended personalized and numbered following the order of valid application. In order to take care of the environment and save the paperwork, it will be sent in PDF format to the e-mail provided by the applicant, (not on paper) DIN A4 size, free of charge. In case you want the diploma printed on parchment, it will cost 15 Euros with postage included. Your payment can be made through PAYPAL, mail or bank transfer. 16.- The applicants stations must accept the established terms, being the MANAGER and the boards of the local section URE of Tarragona and the RADIO CLUB DEL TARRAGONES who will ultimately resolve any incident or discrepancy that may arise. The terms could be modified but the final decision will be made by the RADIO CLUB DEL TARRAGONES and UNION DE RADIOAFCIONADOS ESPAÑOLES or the MANAGER, and their decision is definitive.