Thanks for your participation in the EA3RCY’s 2021 summer raffle!

Dear colleagues,

Thank you for having participated in the summer raffle organized by the Tarragonès RadioClub, EA3RCY, from 23 since 29 august 2021.
Our intention was to send an email to each of you with a thank you but due to the data protection laws and the limits of the servers it is not possible for us.
So we do it in a generalized way.
We are very happy with the activity, which has gathered more than 1,320 contacts in HF and more than 370 in DMR during these seven days.
Beyond the numbers, we have achieved our objectives: publicize Tarragona and the RadioClub as well as to energize DMR’s TG21443 on BrandMeister.
Now, we place you on the next day September 5.
This Sunday morning we will carry out the raffle for both categories (HF and DMR) through an automatic system that will choose a number among those awarded during this week.
As the rules governed, for those participants who by mistake have obtained more than one number in the same day, only the first one obtained each day will be counted, since duplicates on the same date will be eliminated. If the result of the raffle coincides with a number considered duplicate, the operation will be repeated until a valid winner is found.

***Please view the participants list and numbers HERE:
Same Sunday, we will post both raffles on video and the result both on our social networks and on our website,

Also thank the operators who have promoted the activity and made it possible. Thanks for your patience, persistence and work.

Good luck to all of you and thank you for your participation.

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